The Jitume Program

An Initiative aimed at providing the youth with access to Digital Services, Digital Skills, and Opportunities to enable them take advantage of technology for job creation. Access Technology and Entrepreneurship courses online in partnership with Thunderbird School of Management, Arizona State University.

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Konza Technopolis (KT) is a key flagship project of Kenya’s Vision 2030 economic development pillar whose establishment is envisioned to create a world-class smart city and area of innovation. Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) is the implementing agency under the Ministry of Information Communications and Technology (MoICT). Konza has an important role in Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) realm to enhance utilization of the contemporary scientific revolution in improving production and productivity in all sectors.

Knowledge Economy & Innovation (KE&I)

Konza Innovation Ecosystem Initiative (KIEI) is a quadruple-helix program bringing together Academia, Industry, Government and Civil society within the Kenyan innovation ecosystem towards growing Kenya’s Knowledge Economy. KIEI is acting as a forerunner to the physical science and technology park by simulating the interactions that will be experienced in the park.

Objectives of KIEI

The KIEI was set up as a link between the different innovation ecosystems within the country to promote collaboration and break the physical barriers through virtual interactions and activities. The program seeks to build capacity of the Kenyan youth to promote innovation in Science and Technology by encouraging uptake of Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) from an early age, supporting innovators in creative economy, agribusiness, agritech, engineering, manufacturing and human health towards moving the country to a Knowledge based economy. The program also seeks to bring together the start-ups, innovators, and the right ecosystem partners to ensure we address Food Security and affordable Universal Health care for our population in addition to realizing home grown solutions for our manufacturing sector. The program focuses on young Kenyans of both genders from a tender age with the aim of moulding them and seeing them through the entire value chain. The involvement of Government and Civil society ensures the right policy framework is in place to allow innovation to thrive. Private sector and academia on the other hand ensure unlocking of capital, creation of demand and capacity building respectively

Impact of KIEI:

So far, the program has achieved the following:

Our Approach: Advancing Knowledge Economy and Innovation
Enabling Infrastructure Development

(Capital Projects)

Innovation Hub. Data Centre. DMC. STP park.

Partnerships for the Goals

(Government, Academia, Non state Actors and Industry)


Our Partners


Our past innovation events: